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Men’s Rules Changes for 2013 Season

At the FIL General Assembly Meeting in Amsterdam, June 2012 a number of changes to the Rules of Men’s Lacrosse were agreed.

These changes were reviewed by ELA Referees & Rules Committee and were recommended to Men’s Playing Committee for adoption into the English Rules. MPC consulted with all English Clubs and Universities between 28th February 2013 and 15th April 2013, and after considering all feedback received, formally adopted the rule changes at its meeting on 21st May 2013.

These changes will come into effect from 1st September 2013, with the exception of Rule 17.1 . “All players, including the designated goalkeeper, must properly wear an intra-oral tooth and mouth protector (mouth guard)”. Will not be implemented in the English Rules until 1st September 2015.

The only other change that we have made to the English Rules, that is not included in the FIL changes is: Rule 22.1 Which has been changed from “The In-home must be a starting attacker” to “The In-home may be any member of the squad”. This brings the English Rules back in line with the FIL rules.

Please see attached below the full English 2013 Rule Book. The changes can be easily identified as they are underlined. Areas where the English Rules differ from the FIL rules are in italics.


If anyone has any questions or requires any clarification / interpretation of these new rules, please contact Peter Davidson or other members of the Referees & Rules Committee.

This will include the Club Referees Pre-Season Seminar, which will be incorporated into the 2013 English Lacrosse Volunteer Conference at Head Office (National Cycling Centre, Manchester) on Sunday 22nd September. There will also be a shorter one hour briefing on the new rules at this event.

NB: BUCS play to the FIL Rules with one or two minor exceptions (See BUCS Website).

Words by: Peter Davidson (Chair & Secretary, English Lacrosse Referees & Rules Committee)