Nominations open for 2018 Centurion Award

The Centurion Lacrosse Club will again grant a number of Awards in recognition of meritorious service to lacrosse during 2018.

Nominations are invited in writing, giving the name, club(s), role(s) of the individual, a brief summary of his lacrosse career and the reason(s) for nomination.

Nominations need not be restricted to your Club, Committee or area of responsibility. They may be in recognition of long service in more than one role. A suggested form is linked below, but nominations may be in any format.

Nominations should be sent to Geoffrey Wilkinson by post at Corran, One Pin Lane, Farnham Common, Bucks. SL2 3QS or by e-mail at twilks@tiscali.co.uk to be received by 31 March 2018.

The Award winners will be invited to join us with a family member or friend at The Centurion Dinner in the House of Lords on 29th June 2018 for drinks on the Thames terrace, a private tour of the House, and dinner. They will also be presented with an engraved silver salver and a framed citation.

Award Criteria

The Centurion Lacrosse Club will make awards annually to individuals who are considered to be worthy of recognition for the service that they have given to the game, either on or off the field of play.

Typical of the reasons for an award are exceptional performance as a player; remarkable improvement in a player’s performance; exceptional contribution in developing new universities, schools, junior teams or clubs. These suggestions are not exclusive and the Awards Committee will consider any nominations put to them in the proper manner.

Each year, the club will invite written nominations supported by reasons. A special sub-committee will consider these, obtain any further information or verification that is necessary and produce a short list with recommendations for the Club General Committee. Not more than five will be selected in any one year.

The Centurion Club Committee has absolute discretion in deciding the awards and will not enter into any correspondence or discussion with any individuals or official bodies concerning the selection.

Nomination Form