NWLA – December Report

Liverpool 14-6 Stockport
This was a really impressive show from Liverpool considering their line-up featured a number of new players including Jo, and also Anna who has played in attack for previous teams but who stepped up in defence and didn’t ease up to give her opponents any space. Stockport had some great individual performances including two hat-tricks from Jenna Boon and Ellie Gosnay. However they struggled to get ahead in the score line due to Liverpool’s persistence. The top-goal scorer for the game was Liverpool’s Lyndsey Sung, and Liverpool’s MVP was Carina Eaton – she had her game of the season on the wing in defence, she was an asset at both ends of the field and looks set to make a real difference in the upcoming games. Special mentions go to Alex McCaldon who had an outstanding game for Liverpool, and Kate Sweeney (defender) who wowed everyone with her goal.

Mellor 11–7 Oxton
Intensity levels were running high throughout this matchup. Oxton arrived with fewer than expected after losing a couple of players at the last minute. Carina, who was meant to be refereeing for Oxton, offered to play to make the numbers fair. The game was feisty from the off and both teams scored pretty quickly. Mellor had more possession in the first half, but Oxton weren’t showing signs of slowing. The game was getting more and more heated so Carina made the decision to stop playing in order to have a second ref on the pitch. Mellor were eager to maintain their advantage so the game continued 12 v 11. Unfortunately for Oxton, they lost another player who was ill and had to go off, meaning they were down to 10. Mellor remained at 12. Oxton found it hard to compete either playing with a 5 man attack, or leaving their defence to deal with a 2 man overlap every time. Christie Mearns having an outstanding game for Mellor, and they opened the gap to 8-5 at half-time. Keeley Brown was also playing very well for Mellor, the league welcomes her back from maternity leave. In the second half, referees warned players and spectators to tone it down a couple of times but these warning had little effect. A dangerous shot and some generally stern play from Mellor shook up Oxton, particularly Sarah Gibson who had to come of the pitch following an uncontrolled check. But Oxton fought through to bring the game back to 9-7. Mellor were able to regain their momentum and goals soon came from Hayley Bowker (top goal scorer; 3) and Paisley Knox (Captain; 2). The style of play eventually reached a level that the teams were uncomfortable playing at. And after a further injury, Oxton’s captain Alex Bruce decided they no longer wished continue the game, which was now 9 players against 12.

Brooklands 8-7 Heaton Mersey
This was a really close fought game. Brooklands were missing a few players so knew this would be a tough one. Both teams played hard. Charlotte Bleakley started off the goals for Brooklands. It didn’t take long for Mersey to reply, taking it in turns making it equal (3-3) at half time. Brooklands got 3 goals in succession after half time before Mersey managed to score. Credit to Brooklands’ younger players Janika Macmillan, Emily Richardson and Louisa Brophy who did not give up and made some great drives to goal. Ending with Janika and Flora White scoring lovely goals for Brooklands taking the score to 8-4. However, Brooklands started to tire and Mersey were able to score a flurry of goals in the last 5 minutes, bringing them very close to the victory. Brooklands were glad to hear the final whistle. MVP for Brooklands was Lydia Hewitt who scored some great goals (5) and did well on the draw. Top goal scorer for Mersey was Fiona Graham.

Timperley 14-8 Leeds
The teams arrived in Leeds for what was to be the coldest game of the season (so far). Timperley had a few starters missing so the team were a little nervous stepping onto the field. Timperley started strongly with two quick goals from Nicola Swallow. Their midfield worked hard to keep possession but the Leeds team was relentless and started to double and triple the ball-forcing some turnovers, Clare Bell did a great job in the Leeds defence to slow down the fast breaks. At half time the score was 10-4 to Timperley but Leeds was sure to come out fighting in the second half. Leeds started driving hard towards goal and caught the Timperley defence off guard leading to a couple of goals from Milly Pratt and Julia Burns. Timperley’s Georgia Greenhalgh did an amazing job weaving her way through the Leeds defenders to score from impossible angles. It was a great performance from Leeds, particularly on the draw. Special mention to Milly Pratt in the centre circle for Leeds. And to Emily Hall for her great teamwork for Timperley.