Reminder for BUCS Lacrosse Tiebreaks

As the season is now underway with more university lacrosse teams than last year, it is an opportune time to remind all university teams of the tiebreak rules for BUCS league competitions.  English Lacrosse and BUCS have worked in partnership with many of your universities to provide assistance to develop the sport.  This has resulted in a phenomenal increase in BUCS lacrosse teams with over a 125% increase in teams over the last 5 years.

As many new players are introduced to the sport there may be instances where certain matches aren’t as competitive as others, with a small number of universities taking the opportunity to improve their goal difference by “running up the score” against weaker opposition.  Although we can not specifically stop matches or ask teams to stop scoring, we can ask you all to consider your approach to all BUCS matches and ensure that you compete in a manner where you are respecting all opposition.  This will greatly assist all universities in developing further participation growth.

We would also like to remind you that goal difference is the fifth tie break in the event of one or more teams tied at the end of the league.  The BUCS website can be misleading as it publishes goal difference, however the BUCS tie break rules are as follows:

REG 9.9   When calculating a final league table, a tie on points within that league will be split by the following sequential system (unless sports specific regulations state differently):

REG 9.9.1   A team tied on points in a league who has voluntarily conceded walkovers shall automatically be placed below other tied teams who have conceded fewer voluntary walkovers in the relevant season.

REG 9.9.2   Walkovers deemed involuntary may be disregarded in the above calculations on a case by case basis.

REG 9.9.3   Where there is a tie between two teams, for whatever position in the league, the result between the teams will be the determining factor in placing one team above the other. Where fixtures are played on a home and away basis, the aggregate score of the two matches (or more) will determine the higher placed team.

REG 9.9.4   Where more than two teams are tied on points, a table shall be formed to calculate the higher placed team from the results between the relevant teams.

REG 9.9.5   Goal/Set/Point/Rubber difference as applicable to each sport (Games in Golf)

REG 9.9.6   The higher number of Goals/Sets/Points/Rubber scored (Games in Golf)

REG 9.9.7     Where a tie on points has been effected by a walkover or a void fixture, all the relevant results against the team which conceded the walkover or the team involved in the void fixture (i.e. all the results between the teams tied on points and the team(s) conceding the walkover(s)/void match) will be removed from the results table and the re-calculated goal/set/point/rubber (dependent on the sport)difference shall be used to determine the higher placed team.

REG 9.9.8   In the sports of Badminton, Squash, Table Tennis and Tennis, where the higher placed team cannot be determined by points REG 9.9.1 to REG 9.9.7 above, then the team with the higher ‘games’ difference (not rubbers/matches) or equivalent shall be deemed the higher placed team. As per sports specific regulations for basketball, badminton, squash, table tennis and tennis institutions will be responsible for supplying full records of all matches in these sports on official Governing Body scorecards if requested by the BUCS Office.

REG 9.9.9   If the higher placed team cannot be determined from the system above, then this shall be determined by the toss of a coin in the BUCS Office.

We wish you all the best of luck this season and thank you for your respect and consideration of your opponents.