Super League Champion Decider

The Super League Lacrosse Series has produced some quality play in its inaugural year. The concept of selecting the top lacrosse players in the country, irrespective of nationality, and using a draft system to place them in teams has proven to be very effective. Splitting the game time into quarters, rather than the traditional halves and reducing the game time to 40 mins has resulted in a quicker paced game. The addition of the Power Play quarter has tested, not only players, but coaches too in their tactical ability. Other changes from the traditional game include the use of a pink ball and officials wear bright yellow, not the traditional stripes. 

London Royals are the team of the series when it comes to clever use of power plays. Coach Nelson-Lee’s team lead the power play score board with 13 goals during the double point period. London Royals are the masters of the power play, yet need to defend the oppositions play better to really take advantage of the 2 goal rule. Royals have only earned one win in the series but are always competitive, either drawing or recording bonus points in games.


Mavericks are top seed as we head to Surrey Sports Park for the Finals weekend. Mavericks have performed consistently throughout the series, steadily earning results. Conceding 12 goals in one game will worry coach Bennett, whilst Mavericks are slick in attack they will want to be more effective in defence, if they are to win Super League.


Surrey Jets have had a difficult series up until this point, missing players in previous weekends has meant Coach Biondi’s squad has been inconsistent and anchored to the bottom of the table. Jets have found it difficult to score when it matters, they have only scored 5 power play goals in the series. If they can address their shooting Jets are certainly not out of it, as both goalies have performed record saves. Coach Biondi will be looking to ensure Jet’s fire power is on target for the Finals weekend.


Northern Storm have been on top of the Super League table previously but the final weekend hurt their standing. Storm seemed to miss the force of the 2 Js, Jessie Basch and Jenny Simpson, Coach Hoffman will hope they return for the final weekend as paired with the 2 L’s, Laura Merrifield and Laura Warren, they are a force to be hold.



Surrey Sports Park will host the Finals on Sunday 6th July. Seed 1 Mavericks will play Seed 4 Surrey Jets at 10am, followed by Seed 2 Northern Storm taking on Seed 3 London Royals. The winners of each game will be finalist, with the losers fighting for 3rd place.