NWLA Round Up

League Report 17.01.15

Brooklands 8-4 Heaton Mersey

This was a really interesting and exciting game. Heaton Mersey were very short of true attacking players, having no subs and a very defensive remainder of the team. It didn’t start well for them as they were 5-0 down at half time. Brooklands’ defence started strong and played well throughout the game, being able to totally shut out their opposition at times. Credit to Paula Chandler, Emily Frier and Janette Owen for their great effort and team work for Brooklands. Harriet Pritchard, one of Mersey’s strongest midfielders, got a pass to the face and had to go off the pitch, so the second half was played 11-a-side. There was some good play from Mersey in midfield between Jen Abbot, Jenny Scott and Alia Lynn but once they got the ball into the attack they unfortunately seemed to lose it quite quickly again. Caz Evans made some great saves in goal for Mersey, and Brooklands’ goalie Meghan made a great difference to their team. Brooklands’ top goal scorers were Lydia Hewitt and Georgina Owen. Mersey made a real effort to fight back in the 2nd half, and they actually won it 4-3. Unfortunately it was all too late.

Oxton 15–8 Mellor

Oxton actually struggled to get a team together this week and had to call on some university players, giving them in the end a really strong team. Mellor were quite worried before the game started but came out strong considering. Oxton dominated the first half. Lauren Casey had her debut in goal for Oxton and made some great saves. Their turnovers were particularly good in the midfield which broke down Mellor’s fast break opportunities. In the second half, Mellor came back fighting. They chased the score line and brought the goal difference to 8-7 at one point. This caused Oxton to call a time out after which they came back strong scoring a quick 3 goals. Harriet Grundy and Sarah Gibson had some great ground balls and really controlled the pace in their defence.  The score was then 11-7. Mellor then got another goal which gave them some hope that they might be able to claw it back, but it wasn’t to be. Oxton had moments of brilliance and Torz Anderson was hard to stop with her pace and skill in front of goal. It was a great game, and both teams said how much they enjoyed it. Mellor’s goal scorers were Charlotte West, Jenny Carlsson, Paisley Knox, Megan Wise, Sarah Hiddleston, Mellor’s MVP was Charlotte West as she played so well in the midfield especially on the draw.

Liverpool 12-8 Stockport

The teams were fairly well-matched throughout the game, with neither managing to pull too far away from the other. The pace in the midfield was quite fast, both centres did a good job at finding their team mates but Liverpool’s Monika White had more success finding her attacking players, unfortunately their attack broke down at times and Stockport were quick to punish them. Ellie Gosnay had a great game for Stockport scoring 4 goals, also Chess Gray and Ellie Russell scored two each. Both teams played well and spirits were high throughout. Monica’s scoring ability seemed to be the main difference between the teams, and she was at times unstoppable in front of goal. Liverpool will be happy with this win, having not been able to beat Stockport in previous seasons.

League Report 24 01 15

Timperley 15-4 Liverpool

Timperley struggled to get players this week but Liverpool kindly agreed to play 11-a-side despite having lots of players available. The game started well for Timperley; they got a few quick goals off the draw early on giving them a quick lead. Liverpool’s Monika White was doing a great job on the draw but struggled to get the ball into their attacking third. Timperley continued their momentum and goals came from Nicola Swallow and Rachel Minarovich. Katharine Hughes played in goal for Liverpool in the first half and made some brilliant saves as well as being a loud voice from the back, helping organise her defence. They kept Timperley out for long periods at times. Towards the end of the half, Timperley lost Katherine Swallow to a knee injury, so Liverpool again courteously offered to provide a second ref, meaning Timperley could have an 11th player (thanks Linda!). Liverpool played much more confidently in the second half. Ashley Bruen had a superb quick stick goal which helped boost Liverpool’s energy levels. Fleur Kirk was in goal for them in the second half and did well to save a number of Timperley’s shots. In the last few minutes of the game Monika drove down the entire length of the pitch to score a great lefty goal, but unfortunately it was too late for Liverpool and Timperley took home a win.

Stockport 9-8 Mellor

Mellor had a hard time getting a team together, they had 8 on Friday night. Both teams agreed to play 10-a-side as Mellor eventually managed to recruit 2 under 13’s to play! Mellor went down 3-1 in the first 10 minutes, this seemed mostly to be due to an unorganised defence. Once they got more into the pace of the game they were able to bring the score line back to 3-3. The umpires helped keep the tone of the game in a good place. Stockport played really well and ended the half leading 7-3. Mellor came out much stronger in the second half and narrowed that gap. They were focused shot placement but they failed to convert many because of some good saves made by Stockport’s Emma Mooney. Mellor then struggled to get back in the midfield (probably due to a lack of subs) leaving only a few at the back to slow down the fast break. That said, the second half was 5-2 to Mellor. The last few minutes of the game was quite tense as the gap was so narrow.  Mellor’s goals came from Paisley Knox with 6, one from Megan Wise who is usually straight defence, the other came from Lizzie Moyes another straight defender who ended up playing midfield! Scorers for Stockport were Becca Pye with 4 goals, Ellie Gosnay with 3, Alex Anderson scored one and to the delight of the more experienced team members Jenni Cobb, one of their younger players scored an excellent goal too.