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With a fun edge and a passion for performance, SixBySix specialises in providing performance focussed lacrosse courses to talented, school-aged players. Working with the most inspiring coaches, their mission is to share some of the very best principles of elite sport to young, talented athletes to help them become what we like to call ‘The Ultimate Sporting Hero’.

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To become an Ultimate Sporting Hero you need to be a great player, an awesome athlete and a top thinker, which is why we created three different training Zones so that you can make maximum progress whilst having maximum funThe Lacrosse Zone is all about adding exciting new depths to your game. Honing solid foundation skills and then adding in some advanced tactics to develop the sort of creativity that gives you that little bit of magic on the pitch.

Good lacrosse players are fast. Top lacrosse players are fast, strong, flexible, have great co-ordination, endurance and more. In the Physical Zone, we will be breaking these skills down into bite-sized pieces will allow you to focus your energy on each one,

In the Mental Zone we explore some of the psychology behind sport, looking at practical tips to make sure we are mentally fit for maximum performance. We’ll look at how athletes develop self belief, become mentally resilient, thrive under pressure and more – this gives you the tools to ensure peak performance, both on and off the pitch.

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he SixBySix App provides a unique opportunity to track and celebrate your progress on each course. Light up the modules on your personal matrix as you complete them and collect Awards as you go.

With individual written and verbal feedback on every course this premium programme is strategically designed to springboard lacrosse players to the next level, be that the next school team, or into Regional or National programmes

SixBySix courses are Gold Accredited from the English Lacrosse association and support the talent pathway for girls who aspire to play for England.

T: 07817 705045

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