Annual General Meeting

Documents on this page will provide you with information on the English Lacrosse Association Annual General Meeting.

2017 Annual General Meeting – Documents

2017 AGM Agenda

2016 AGM Minutes

2017 Proposed Amendments to Articles of Association

2017 Proposed Amendments to Bye Laws

Proposed Amendment to Individual Registration Category

Proxy Vote Form – Amendments to Individual Registration Category

2017 AGM Proxy Vote Form

2017 Board Diversity Statement

2016/17 Annual Report

2016/17 Audited Accounts

Letter of Representation for 2016/17 Accounts

2016 Annual General Meeting – Minutes

Annual General Meeting Minutes 2016

2016 Annual General Meeting – Documents

2016 AGM Agenda
2015 AGM Minutes
2016 Summary of Key Amendments
2016 Proposed Bye Laws
Proposed Bye Laws changes
2016 Proposed Articles of Association
Proposed Articles of Association changes
EL 2015/16 Accounts
EL Audit Letter
Notification Letter SGM
2015/16 EL Annual Report

2015 Annual General Meeting – Minutes 

ELA AGM Minutes 2015/06/28

2015 Annual General Meeting –  Agenda

English Lacrosse AGM Agenda 2015

2015 Annual General Meeting – Documents

2015 Board Nominations
English Lacrosse Articles of Association – (Revision February 2015)
Articles and Bye Law Proposed Changes 2015 v2
2015 Bye Laws Revision (March 2015)
English Lacrosse AGM 2015 papers

Historic Annual General Meeting Minutes – LINK
2014 English Lacrosse Annual Report – LINK