Super League 2016

2016 Super League Lacrosse Launches

Super League Lacrosse returns on Sunday 22nd May at a new venue, Worcester University. 2016 Super League is the 3rd year of the elite series. The top 80 players in the country are drafted into 4 teams, London Royals, Warwick Mavericks, Surrey Jets and Northern Storm. There will be 3 weekend series in the 2016 League, Worcester Uni (22nd May), Stockport Village (26th June) and Surrey Sports Park (10th July). This season will take a league format where the team who finishes with the most points will be crowned champions. Teams will earn 5 points for a win, 3 for a draw and 1 point if a loss is recorded with a goal difference of over 50% that of the winning team. Teams tied on points will be separated by international goal difference formula.

Shot Clock

2016 will be operating a shot clock in quarters 2 & 4. When the team in possession enters the attacking 3rd of the field the shot clock will start. A legal, on target shot must be taken within 45 secs or the ball is turned over. On turnover the ball is awarded to the GK.

This is an important year for players and coaches as those who are involved with International squads will also be preparing for the 2017 FIL Rathbones Women’s Lacrosse World Cup to be hosted at Surrey Sports Park next July.

England coach Katelyn Hoffman returns to Super League duties in charge of Northern Storm. Her team will have a familiar feel to it as both England Captains, Laura Merrifield and Ash Gloster are in the Storm squad. The England U19 coach, Nicky Budd will make her Super League coaching debut with Surrey Jets. Nicky will share the coaching duties with England Development coach, Vic Alexander. Kate Nelson Lee will be the tactician in charge of London Royals for the 3rd year running.

2016 Super League Drafts