Primary School Lacrosse

POP is the lacrosse game for primary schools. It is a non-contact version of lacrosse which uses inexpensive plastic-headed sticks and oversized Lacrosse balls. POP has been used in primary schools since the 1980s and since then has become very popular for Y3 – 6. It is particularly suitable for delivering invasion skills within the Physical Literacy PE Curriculum.

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The game is usually played as a five-a-side mixed game and is fast paced and fun to play. The first National POP Lacrosse Championships were played in 1992 to bring together all regional school tournament winners to play in a single national school POP Lacrosse Championship to establish an overall champion of the UK.

Want to get POP Lacrosse in to your school? Get in touch with one of our Regional Coordinators:

Regional POP Lacrosse Contacts

North West/West Mids – Richard Gartside –
North East/East Mids – Kerrie Lawler –
South West – Helen Murray –
South – Nik Roberts –
South East & London – Amy Heppingstall-


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