Stockport Metros depart on Annapolis Tour

Stockport Metros continue the “Friendship through Lacrosse” tour as they depart on the 19th bi-annual US tour to Annapolis, Maryland.

This year there will be two boys and a girls team taking part in a tour that has been running since the late Les Grainger first took a group of junior players to Maryland in 1976.

Stockport Metros History

Stockport Metro Lacrosse Club was the brainchild of the late Les Grainger. The first tour in 1976 began as a one-off, following a visit to the UK by the Lancers Boys Club of Baltimore.

Contact was then established with the Elks Club, who brought a squad over to Stockport and subsequently hosted a Metros return visit in 1978. It was during this visit that the late Rob Lewald, over a Big Mac burger (still a novel experience for English travellers in the seventies), proposed that the Americans take a leaf out of the Metros’ book and form their own touring group, based on local Annapolis teams and travelling under the banner of Anne Arundel.

Anne Arundel made their first UK tour in 1979, and since then exchanges between the two organizations have continued on an annual basis.

The Metros have always aimed to produce a high standard of junior lacrosse, but this time youngsters have also been included in the tours, for their commitment and other valid personal reasons. This has given valuable opportunities to a broad spectrum of aspiring young players.

Stockport Metro Lacrosse Club has played a significant role as a training ground for the English game. Over its 30 years the club has brought many players (too numerous to name) through to become part of the England squad. Countless others have formed part of the lifeblood of club lacrosse in the UK.

You can keep track of the teams progress by viewing the teams website or you can follow them on Twitter: @MetrosLacrosse